Schizophrenia Symptoms And Treatment

An important part of the Human body is mind which controls the working of whole body as it is well known that a healthy mind signals positively which directs the entire working of body in a positive way. Mind of a human is not as simple as it seems rather it keeps on dealing with complicated structures inside it. Structure of the mind follows the orders of which the mind is comprised of. Sometimes the health conditions of the mind gets disturbed due to many reasons which lead the mind towards mental disorders which is considered illness and needs treatment. Mental illnesses are of many types depending on which order of the mind is interrupted. There are so many mental illnesses which are very common. Schizophrenia is one of them.

What is Schizophrenia?

A very serious type of mental disorder is Schizophrenia which affects the feeling, behavior and thinking of the person as the person who is suffering from Schizophrenia also suffers from hallucinations, feels lack of motivation, delusion exists and the person finds himself or herself unable to concentrate on anything as the thinking of the person also gets interrupted. It is generally believed that Schizophrenia starts with delusion and hallucination which never occurs after the age of forty five. Exactly what causes the Schizophrenia is not yet known however factors like psychological, genetic, environmental and physical seem stood responsible in creating such sort of disorder in the mind. Stress is one of the factors which contribute in the development of Schizophrenia.

Beginning of Schizophrenia

Hallucination and delusions start at early ages which force a person to perceive certain things and voices which have nothing to do with reality. It most of the time starts in children. Comparatively men are considered to get the symptoms of this disorder earlier

Types of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is such a disease occurring in different ways which are known as the different types in which common are:

  1. Catatonic Schizophrenia

    It is that type of Schizophrenia which never occurs in every Schizophrenia patient rather in few cases of Schizophrenia it is found in individuals. The person suffering from certain kind of Schizophrenia finds himself or herself unable to respond to the instructions.

  2. Schizoaffective disorders

    Another type of Schizophrenia which keeps on affecting the cognition and emotions is schizoaffective disorders as it is considered a psychiatric situation as mood disorders, thinking interruptions, and hallucination occurs. Delusion exists which forces the person to establish thinking like having false beliefs and the person despite seeing the reality believes in what his or her mind says. Treatment can help the person to return towards a normal life.

  3. Childhood Schizophrenias

    It is that type of Schizophrenia which starts at early age in children. It is also known as early onset Schizophrenia. It is generally considered a severe form of Schizophrenia which is rarely occurring. It is disturbing and fearful for the children as the existence of hallucination and delusion is something scary for the child because they keep on listening certain voices that really do not exist. Hence personality disorders, mood disorders and pervasive developmental disorders keep on occurring.

  4. Paranoid Schizophrenia

    A commonly occurring type of Schizophrenia is paranoid Schizophrenia which usually occurs in adult. It is such a condition in which a person starts thinking that others are plotting against him or her while in reality no certain thing happens. In routine life it commonly happens even with the normal humans that people start thinking that every person around them trying to tease them but in the condition of Schizophrenia this feeling gets intensity which interrupts the personal and professional relationship of the person which not only disturbs the Schizophrenia victim person rather forces them to think about seeking escape from their perceived enemies whom he/she considered having plotting against him or her. Paranoid Schizophrenia people start getting afraid and they keep on feeling a fear factor in everything as they suppose or imagine that the whole world is against them and no person in the whole world is in their favor. Such people are always in need to have treatment throughout their life otherwise symptoms may return after a short interval.

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Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a disorder of mind which keeps on interrupting the lifestyle of people by interrupting their thinking and behaviors. Countless symptoms of Schizophrenia occur in which few stood dominant which are:

  • Depression
  • Depression is the initial step in the development of Schizophrenia which shall be controlled at early stage.

  • Hallucination
  • People involved in Schizophrenia starts hearing certain sounds which they considered are real while in reality certain sounds only exist in their minds but they are unable to understand this reality as for them certain sounds are real coming from outside.

  • Feeling of fear
  • Person suffering from Schizophrenia feel fear factors as their mind perceives that the world is against them which is not actually the reality but the mind creates certain situations that the person starts believing that mind is directing them towards the right ways. Schizophrenia person cannot understand how their mind directing them towards negativity. For them they have no well wisher and they often try to commit suicide

  • Unable to understand reality
  • People who suffer from Schizophrenia are unable to understand reality as they keep on hearing certain sounds which never exist in the reality. They can also see certain thing which do not really exist in the real world and they believe that others are against them and trying to tease them by plotting against them. Certain people speak in a suspected way and appear with thinking disorders. Schizophrenia people keep on believing that they are being watched all the time.

  • Delusion
  • The person starts thinking that he is being spied.

  • Unable to manage emotions
  • Managing the emotions is another symptom of Schizophrenia. The person who suffers from Schizophrenia finds himself or herself inexpressive in front of others. Certain people cannot give appropriate facial expressions and eye contacts. Emotional instability is at its peak in Schizophrenia patients.

  • Speech disorders
  • A very common symptom of Schizophrenia is speech disorder as the person who suffers from Schizophrenia speaks irrelevant. His or her answers regarding the questions are something else. A Schizophrenia person is not constant in his or her talks.

  • Lack of interests
  • Another symptom is the lack of interest in surroundings and in the world as the person revolves around his or her mind which keeps the person busy. In this disease sleep and eating habits of the person are also disturbed which creates a sense of restlessness in him and the person starts getting fed up from the surroundings.

  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia people keep on suffering from anxiety, become panic and feel depressed. Anxiety keeps in fluctuating which means it is not always severe. It is one of those symptoms which reveal at early stages of Schizophrenia.

  • Unable to concentrate
  • Concentration is an important concern in every field as in its absence nothing can be done in a good way. Even relationships require concentration for their maintenance. However it is seen that the person suffering from Schizophrenia is unable to concentrate as the mind never allows him or her to do so.

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Treatment of Schizophrenia

There is no such illness which is cured without having treatment. Later or sooner treatment is required which is no doubt the safest way to escape from the shook of the certain disease. Schizophrenia is such a disease which demands for treatment as it is such a disease which is curable no doubt otherwise the victim of such mental disorder would not be able to get rid of the chains of this severe illness. Schizophrenia is being treated by using different methods. Some of which are discussed here.

  • Medication
  • Every disease requires medication. Schizophrenia is treated by the use of medicine but certain medicine cannot fully treat the Schizophrenia rather just help in controlling the symptoms by minimizing the seriousness of the disease. It is mainly because Schizophrenia symptoms are not fully understood and a disease cannot be treated unless or until it is fully understood. However doctors are offering their services to help people in their attempt to get an escape from Schizophrenia. First and second generation antibiotics are used to cure this illness.

  • Individual psycho-therapy
  • Psycho therapy is one of best ways to cure mental illnesses as it is considered the safest way to treat issues related to mind. In individual psycho therapy the therapist guides the patient about the possible regain of normal mental conditions by controlling the behaviors and thoughts in an organized manner. Therapist guides the individual about the real and unreal things which he or she previously was unable to accurately perceive mainly due to the Schizophrenia. Individual psycho therapy also directs the individual towards a healthy lifestyle without the usage of any medicine. Sessions of discussion initiate the treatment and step by step therapies help the patient to get escape from Schizophrenia.

  • Social skill therapy
  • Schizophrenia interrupts the social interactions and makes it difficult for the patient to maintain a normal social relationship. In such ways a therapy which plays a positive ole is social skill therapy .It is that kind of therapy which helps in the establishing the social interactions and communications so that a person may contribute towards routine activities in a normal way.

  • Hospitalization
  • People who have reached to the extreme level of Schizophrenia are admitted to hospitals. In the past people who suffered from certain diseases hesitated to go and consult the doctor for certain mental disorders as it was found insulting for them. Considering a psychiatrist meant considering himself a mental case but the modern era has paved the way towards countless opportunities to visit the therapist or doctors. Schizophrenia patients have the opportunity to get easy access to the therapists who are striving to help them in their quest of fighting from the disease.

  • Schizophrenia drugs
  • Drugs are used in the treatment of Schizophrenia which help in controlling the symptoms from becoming severe especially the intention to minimize the risk of psychotic episode motivates towards the usage of Schizophrenia drugs which are found helpful and less risky as well.

  • Electroconvulsive therapy
  • It is used to treat the depression which is a highlighted mental disorder. At the Initial stages of Schizophrenia the person feels depressed and this symptom helps in diagnosing the disease. This technique is sometimes used to treat the Schizophrenia.

    Schizophrenia is actually such a disease which goes away after taking therapy or medication so the people who feel that they are victimized by this shall consult relevant doctor community as the medicine on regular basis is recommended because the effects of the problem stays for long.


Schizophrenia is such a mental disorder which is no doubt found in majority of the people of different age group in different ways. It is limited to the mind but its effects can be seen on personality as people who are victim of Schizophrenia cannot live a normal and healthy life. Schizophrenia is not of one kind rather its having many types which show that different people have it in different ways. Doctors are playing their role in curing it by using different treating methods and therapies in which psycho therapies stood prominent which are found helpful and reliable in treating the specific mental disorder.

Schizophrenia drugs are also used and in extreme cases patients are hospitalized to treat the disease. Schizophrenia can be detected through blood tests. Veripsych a blood test is helpful in the initial diagnosing of the Schizophrenia which helps the psychiatrists in the confirmation that Schizophrenia is existed or not.