Getting active in a routine life is a good symbol as without getting active it will not be possible for a person to perform the routine tasks but sometimes the person gets extraordinary active mood which is abnormal and considered an extreme level of activeness. Such active and abnormal behavior is generally considered a hyperactive state in which the person very often remains active constantly. Such behaviors are generally found in the children. It is not a normal condition rather a disease which is related to mental illness which needs treatment to be done in time otherwise it may become intense with the passage of time. People who keep on suffering from the hyperactivity remain depressed mainly due to their metal condition and the behavior of the people creates disturbance in them as they themselves cannot behave normally in all situations so people keep on treating them in an awkward way which depresses them. It is such a disorder which makes it difficult for the victim to maintain his or her social relations or stay concentrated at work. It would not be wrong to say that hyperactivity keeps on affecting the personal as well as professional life of the person who is suffering from such a mental disease. Another observation is that hyperactivity victim people keep on having impulsive and aggressive behaviors remain at constant movement and such are the person who can easily be distracted. Hyperactivity is seen in toddlers as well who are sometimes difficult to control.

What is ADHD?

Hyperactivity as has been discussed is a disorder which is not a normal state which gives rise to many other disorders one of which is ADHA which is known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The person suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder remains inattentive and active during his or her routine life activities. The victim community of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is youth at a larger scale however some adults found themselves involved in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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Symptoms of hyperactivity

Hyperactive is such a disorder which can be diagnosed easily because the behavior keep on revealing the true nature of the disease however some common symptoms of the disease are found dominant which are mentioned here.

  • Being overactive

    Hyperactive person is over active maximum time and keeps on doing different tasks but never focuses on a single one. Remaining extra active all the time is not considered good for their health but it seems as if it is not in their own control to get rid of it quickly.

  • Out of turn talk

    The people suffering from hyperactivity cannot exhibit enough patience to wait for their turn rather they keep on speaking much either or not it is their turn. They do not have enough patience to wait and listen to others for long.

  • Hitting others

    Another issue with hyperactive people is their negligence which forces them to hit others. They feel restlessness and aggressiveness inside them which makes them harsh towards other. Anger prevails and they start hitting others which is nothing except their low mentality.

  • Inability to concentrate

    Hyperactivity never allows the person to have concentrated mind rather their mind keeps on directed from one thing to other. Certain people cannot take interest in a single activity as their concentration jumps from one thing to other. Their concentration is always scattered.

  • Having short attention span

    Short attention span is a common issue of hyperactive people as their attention diverts quickly and at that time they fully forget about the previous thing or task until they again have look in it.

  • Names, numbers are difficult to remember

    Remembering the names or numbers is not a difficult thing as we human keep on calling others by using their names. Humans remember the names so that they may address others but the hyperactive person finds himself or herself unable in remembering the names of people. Not only names rather remembering the numbers is also difficult for hyperactive people.

    Whether a person is suffering or not from hyperactivity is easy to diagnose. Simply doctor asks few questions about the mental state and existing behavior of the person and some about the mental state which is helpful in revealing about the disorder if existing.

Causes off hyperactivity

Apart from minor reason s the major reasons behind the hyperactive attitude of the people are

  • Brain disorders
  • Human brain is a structure of structures which mean it is a having a complicated structure by having many structures inside it. Brain works normally when all the structures inside it work properly. If any structure inside a brain is not working properly it means it’s a playing a role to effect the working of the human body so it is necessary that a brain shall be working in quite a normal way so that the working of body may become normal. A major cause of hyperactivity disorder is brain disorder which is playing a major role in creating such a behavior which forces a person to behave in an abnormal way. It is such a disorder which requires treatment.

  • Disorders of nervous system
  • Inside the human body there is a system which is made up of fibers and nerve cells and this is such a system which inside the body keeps on transmitting the nerve impulses to between parts. This system keeps on coordinating the actions of all the animals including human. This system having the ability to detect the environmental variations and responds accordingly but in some cases where nervous system is not working in a proper way difficulty gets space which may contribute to hyperactivity as well.

  • Excessive Thyroid hormone
  • A gland generally known as thyroid gland produces and releases two different types of thyroid hormones such hormones keep on regulating the metabolism. The movement of almost every cell of the body is controlled by the thyroid gland. In some cases thyroid glands starts producing excessive hormones which may cause problem. Hyperactivity may cause due to the inappropriate working of the thyroid glands.

  • Psychological disorders
  • No doubt psychology of every person is different. People appear with different mental capabilities and display a different attitude in different conditions. Psychological issues are countless which no t only disturbs the working of body rather may leads the person towards serious harm. Hyperactivity is highly related to psychological disorder which is a dominant factor.


Every illness major or minor requires treatment otherwise it becomes intense gradually. Not only treatment is desired goal rather accurate treatment for the specific disease are needed in all the cases. Hyperactivity is such a disorder which is beyond normal and cannot be overcome without having proper treatment. People suffering from hyperactivity are treated through these methods.

  • Psychotherapy
  • Hyperactivity is a psychological disease so psychotherapy is highly recommended for its treatment. In such sort of therapy the therapist meets the patient and asks him or her about his or her past and present life, all types of failure and successes, his or her lifestyle, family and friends and everything which is related to the patient. The therapist keeps on asking the questions time to time to peep into the past and present life of the patient mainly with the intentions to investigate where exactly the specific disease started from. Psychotherapists then try to provide treatment in the form of therapy which helps the patients in their struggle of getting escape from the specific disease. Psycho therapist focuses on talk treatment by motivating the patient to fight against the disorder of mind by using their own will power which is an effective way of treating the mental disorders.

  • Medication
  • A very common treatment to treat hyperactivity is medication in which drugs and antibiotics of different types are used to cool down the hyper person. Treatment by using medicine is an old way of treating which is valid so far mainly because of its usefulness for the patients. Some metal orders are cured by light dose of medicine while many other require having the heavy dose. In severe cases where disease gets intensity the patients are hospitalized.

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Controlling hyperactive toddlers

Hyperactivity is not limited to adults or old people rather toddlers are not safe from certain sort of mental issues. Hyper active child needs special care. In a normal life what happens that little angels play for some time and then have short nap to recharge their emery level but in cases of hyperactive child mother needs to be very active to control the child as the child who is hyperactive tries to do multiple activities simultaneously and can easily be distracted. Hyperactive child can be controlled through many ways.

  • Using stop signs and actions
  • Little angels having the ability to perceive their parents as they keep on imitating them and learn much from them. When a child is hyperactive it is necessary to control him or her but shouting in certain moments will not be suitable. It is better to use calm words to stop the kids and parents or elders shall use some hand signals to forbid child from performing certain tasks. Hand movement will let them know that they will have to stop the activity. It is the commonly practiced way of controlling child from hyperactivity.

  • Blowing bubbles
  • A healthy activity which helps in controlling a hyperactive toddler is to blow bubbles in front of them. Let the toddler to follow you and try to poke the bubbles. Bubbles give calm effects and when they are poked by the kids they produce calming effects. Toddler take a deep breath after poking the bubbles which is a healthy exercise which plays a major role in relaxing the child rather it is better to say that it is a relaxation exercise. The child will run behind bubbles and will try to poke them again and again and the relaxation practice is ongoing which a desired goal is.

  • Warm bath
  • Hyperactive child no doubt keeps on creating tasks for the mothers who when tired need the toddler to sleep and let them sleep. When all the methods of calming the hyperactive child are failed bath method works. Toddler really enjoy bath. It relaxes them and cools them down and they sleep for hours and hours.


It may safely be concluded that hyperactivity is such a mental disorder which is nothing more than a constant activity or wandering or less concentrated. It is considered a disease which requires treatment because certain disorders keep on affecting the normal routine life of the person who is suffering from certain disease. Brain disorders, nervous system disorders, excessive working of thyroid glands and some psycho issues are found responsible in developing the hyperactivity in people. It is found in toddlers as well who are in need to be controlled by using different tactics. Psycho-therapies are used to treat such mental disorders in elders but in extreme cases where disease gets intensity heavy medication is used. Brain disorders are needed to be treated timely. In the modern era certain diseases are making space for them and spreading depressed attitudes among people.

Hyperactivity is not a serious issue but if not controlled timely it may lead a person towards seriousness which may be harmful. It is highly recommended to consult the doctor or therapist if a person feels that he or she is suffering from certain mental disorder so that the person can get escape from harshness of hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is a treatable disease but special attention shall be given to it so that it can timely be cured otherwise situation may become verse and stay for long or may be for life time.