What is Pedophilia?

Mostly observed in men, the objects of pedophilia are more often boys than girls. Often there is a combination of other paraphilia and pedophilia, especially pedophilia, fetishism and sadism.

Causes of Pedophilia

Sexual attraction to children is due to the fixation of sexual attraction in mental ontogenesis. In the future, attraction is included only or mainly on a regressive object or its infantile features. Attraction to adolescents is characteristic of homosexual orientation. One of the most common causes of sexual crimes.

Symptoms of Pedophilia

The main feature is the fixation in erotic fantasies and the realization of sexuality, fixed on children and adolescents. In a hidden form, it can be an attraction that is activated by the symbols of infantility in the manner of behavior, clothing. Sometimes the attraction is expressed compulsively, patients may turn to psychiatrists in connection with complaints of obsessive sexual orientation in children and adolescents, which is especially intensified after drug and alcohol intoxication. The fight against pedophilic orientation can be manifested by symptoms of depression.

Diagnosis of Pedophilia

General criteria for disorders of sexual preference are characteristic, as well as a constant or predominant preference for sexual activity aimed at a child or adolescent. In this case, the individual must be over 16 years old and he must be at least 5 years older than the child to whom the attraction is directed.

Differential diagnosis

Mostly it should be differentiated from pedophilia caused by organic causes (atrophy of the frontal lobes, low intelligence).

Pedophilia Treatment

Psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, behavioral therapy with the development of an aversion to the pedophilic object.