Absence or Loss of Sex Drive

What is Absence or Loss of Sex Drive?

The disorder is observed in half of men and women over the age of 45, but the real numbers are probably larger. The ratio of men and women according to hidden polls is 1: 1, according to open polls 1: 2.

Causes of Absence or Loss of Sex Drive

A synonym for impotence. Secondary impotence can be caused by many reasons, especially the loss of pleasure (anhedonia) for affective reasons (depression, schizophrenia). The primary one is actually an isolated loss of sex drive, to which, usually in men more often than in women, a neurotic reaction of varying severity occurs depending on age, that is, the age of a natural decrease in sex drive.

Symptoms of Absence or Loss of Sex Drive

The problem is primary, not secondary. It does not exclude sexual gratification or arousal, but makes the initiation of sexual activity less likely.

Diagnosis of Absence or Loss of Sex Drive

The level of sexual satisfaction or arousal is reduced, this makes sexual intercourse rare.

Differential diagnosis

The differential diagnosis is associated with the separation of primary and secondary impotence.

Treatment for Absence or Loss of Sex Drive

Psychotherapy of a married couple. Behavioral Therapy.