Violation of Psychological Development

What is a Violation of Psychological Development?

For these disorders characterized by: the beginning of the disorder in infancy or childhood; the presence of damage or delays in the development of functions closely related to the biological maturation of the central nervous system; a constant course, without remissions or the recurrence, characteristic of many mental disorders.

Causes Violations of Psychological Development

For violations of psychological development is characterized by hereditary burden of similar or related disorders. The role of genetic factors in the etiology of most disorders is important. Hereditary factors are polygenic. The environmental impact is not of primary importance, but in most cases it has a significant impact on the development of impaired functions.

The modern point of view on etiology is multifactorial. The most significant interacting groups of factors are heredity, temperament, minimal brain dysfunction, somatic pathology, especially with brain damage, socio-economic and cultural factors.