Mania with Psychotic Symptoms

Mania Symptoms with Psychotic Symptoms

Expressed mania with a bright leap of ideas and manic excitement, to which are joined the secondary delusional ideas of greatness, high origin, hypererotism, values. There are hallucinatory cries confirming the significance of the personality, or “voices”, telling the patient about emotionally neutral things, or delusions of meaning and persecution.

Diagnosis of Mania with Psychotic Symptoms

  1. The episode meets the criteria for mania, but proceeds with psychotic symptoms, appropriate and derived from elevated mood.
  2. The episode does not meet the criteria for schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.
  3. Delusions (grandeur, values, erotic or persecutory content) or hallucinations.

Differential diagnostics

The greatest difficulties are in the differential diagnosis with schizoaffective disorders, but for these disorders there should be symptoms characteristic of schizophrenia, and delusional ideas for them to a lesser extent correspond to the mood. However, the diagnosis can be regarded as the initial one for assessing schizoaffective disorder (first episode).

Treatment of Mania with Psychotic Symptoms

Involves the combined use of lithium carbonate and neuroleptics (triftazin, haloperidol, tizercin).