What is Exhibitionism?

It occurs mainly in men, but there are rare descriptions in women.

Causes of the Exhibitionism

The basis is the biology of dominance, in which the demonstration of the erect penis is associated with the desire for self-assertion, power, hypercompensation of one’s own inferiority. Often found as a symptom in hebephrenic schizophrenia, Huntington’s chorea, frontal atrophy, as well as in dissociative individuals.

Symptoms of Exhibitionism

Usually, during a period of emotional stress, tension and a compulsive desire to demonstrate their genitals to strangers, often the opposite sex, occurs. Usually, hidden places are chosen for these purposes, from which flight is possible, sometimes public places. Demonstration is often accompanied by masturbation and ejaculation. Erotic fantasies are possible that replace the demonstration of the genitals.

Diagnostics of Exhibitionism

Disorder of sexual preference, which consists in a periodically occurring or constant tendency to unexpectedly show your genitals to strangers (usually of the opposite sex), which is accompanied by sexual arousal and masturbation, with this intention there is no invitation to “witnesses” sexual intercourse.

Differential diagnosis

It is necessary to differentiate isolated forms from symptoms in other diseases, for example, with frontal atrophies.

Exhibitionism Treatment

Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy.