Orgasmic Dysfunction

What is Orgasmic Dysfunction?

According to various data, from 5 to 15% by the age of about 45 years have never experienced an orgasm.

Causes of Orgasmic Dysfunction

Psychogenic causes, including fear of loss of control over the boundaries of desire, determined by moral prohibitions, fear of pregnancy, castration fear and incestuous experiences.

Symptoms of Orgasmic Dysfunction

Some women have never had an orgasm before. This is combined with a weak expression of erotic fantasies. In other women, it occurs only during masturbation, but is inhibited during normal intercourse. In men and women, an orgasm can only be observed in a dream or while fantasizing in combination with masturbation. Sometimes an orgasm occurs in a dream and when fantasizing with images of homosexual partners.

Diagnosis of Orgasmic Dysfunction

Orgasm does not occur or is noticeably delayed – it is more often observed in women, anorgasmia is more often psychogenic in nature.

Differential diagnostics

The functional nature of anorgasmia differs from anorgasmia in endogenous mental disorders (depression, schizophrenia) and organic anorgasmia.

Treatment of Orgasmic Dysfunction

Behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.